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Getting the Best Results / Obtenir les meilleures resultats
All mixes work out best with soft brown sugar. Unfortunately, brown sugar hardens in dryer environments (if your home is humid, you might find that your brown sugar stays soft). To soften your brown sugar, simply empty the content of the bag up to, and including, the clump of brown sugar, into a container with a tight fitting lid, add a slice of fresh bread, and close tightly overnight. If you emptied the whole bag, that's ok, just make sure the brown sugar layer is not buried in the flour. The bread will work it's magic best if the brown sugar is on top.

Cookies are better when sugar is creamed first!
For cookie mixes, you will get better results if you cream the sugars with the butter and eggs before mixing in the other dry ingredients. Since the brown sugar layer does usually harden, this is easily achieved by pouring out the top layers (the ones above the brown sugar) into a container with tight fitting lid, and then pushing out the hardened brown sugar layer into the container as well, leaving the remaining dry ingredients in the bag until you need them. Use the fresh bread slice trick to soften the brown sugar, then cream the sugars with butter and egg before adding the other ingredients.

Cakes and Sweet Breads
Our cake and bread mixes work best if all dry ingredients are uniformly blended together before adding the oil, eggs and milk, so make sure the brown sugar is nice and soft before mixing (see tip to soften brown sugar above)!

To your health ...
In our home, we use olive oil instead of butter in all cookie recipes. Go ahead and try it if you prefer olive oil to butter!

We also think coconut is very good for you, so it is added to many mixes, just a touch, hardly enough to overpower the flavor, you can hardly tell it is there at all.

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It's fun to bake with Original Baking Mixes! C'est amusant de cuisiner avec les mélanges originaux!
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